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David Hatzkevich, dentist specialized in prostheses and implants

About me

Welcome to David Hatzkevich's personal website

David Hatzkevich was born in Moscow but spent much of his life in Germany before moving to Belgium.

He graduated cum laude from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1996. After completing his dentistry studies, he further specialized in prosthetic work and later also implantology.

Meanwhile, dentist Hatzkevich has guided more than 8,000 patients with beautification of their teeth by placing implant-supported or non-implanted dentures.

Thanks to his extensive experience, he always knows how to propose the right global solution according to the wishes of his patients. This ranges from price-friendly removable dental prostheses, possibly stabilized by “Locators”, to a screwed permanent bridge on implants such as “All-on-four” from Nobel Biocare®.

David Hatzkevich has his own dental lab, which makes long waiting times virtually non-existent.
He works with high-quality materials and personally follows every phase of the realization of the prostheses with an eye for aesthetics, function and comfort.

For the rehabilitation on implants, images are first taken with a Conebeam CT. Based on these 3D images, the most suitable implants can be selected in advance in function of the morphology and the density of the bone present. The future intervention is then discussed and evaluated with the patient via computer simulation.

The X-Guide is an innovative and computer-controlled navigation system that makes implant placement minimally invasive and with very high precision.

Thanks to the years of experience of dentist Hatzkevich and his use of innovative techniques, you can usually return home with beautiful white teeth on the day of the procedure.

This way you can always fulfill your social and professional obligations, and always with a smile!